сряда, 30 септември 2009 г.


Hello, World!

This is my first blog, that I make. I am very proud of that fact, since I consider that an important means of expressing oneself ( I think that regular blogging helps boosts your creativity ). I am also pleased to note that creating a blog is just as easy, painless and free as I expected.

One of the reasons I make this blog is somewhat selfish. I intend on jotting down different ideas , thoughts, observations, tips, etc. that I've been thinking about for sometime but never found the time and energy to put down to paper. Now as I am presented with that opportunity, I am left with no excuse but commit those ideas, thoughts, etc. to digital medium.

I share many interests in different areas, predominantly in computers, Internet, software & hardware etc. without professing to be a guru in any of these. However I believe there are things i can contribute for the common benefit.

In my free time I do C++ programming, even though I am still a beginner programmer. I also like to ride my bike, which saves me enormous time and money.

At home I care for a pet plant - Quillo ( a mexican cactus with an attitude of its own :)).

Well, that's pretty much my first post. Nothing ground-breaking! Hope you enjoy it...